Our idea is simple. We want to publish music we ourselves like and wanna hear. Perhaps it`s indie, definitely not mainstream.


Wood Productions
Suomi Finland


Please contact us via email for information or try iTunes for some releases.



Update: 13.05.2013

"If you go down to the woods today
you`re in for a big surprise..."


Jahnukaiset: Neljä esinettä (Wood 050 cd)
Jazz! Again Jahnukaiset, this is cool and free and bop.
Puk: Koordinaatit (Wood 047 cd)
Cordinates to show the way.
Piski: Gangsterin heila (Wood 045 cd)
Hound Dogs in a conflict with society.
Jahnukaiset: Beverly Hills (Wood 043 cd)
Wood goes jazz! This is the most Jahnukaiset band in the world.


Sad Circles: Inside Out(Wood 042 cd)
Compilation of... (You guess! Listen this...")
Piski: Joutomaa(Wood 040 cd)
Second coming of Hound Dogs.
Puk: Kadonnut manner(Wood 034 cd)
"Beneath the Pavement, The Beach..." Adventure continues: Britt indie meets Frankfurt School meets finnish songwriting tradition...
Vilddas: Haliidan(Wood 033 cd)
Vilddas's second release on Wood! Saame joiku, turkish-arabian musical landscape, warm ambient/electronics.
Orders by mail also from Digelius.
Aloha Junktion: In Space (Wood 031 minicd)
Silence, noisy, very melodic...First official relase of the cult band (together with Tusovka Records).
Anglia: All (Wood 030 minicd)
Welcome to Wood's garage sale. Two minutes pop songs with fast execution.
Cucumber Farmer: USA (Wood 029)
Readymade avant rocks. MiniCD personal, politics with very cool covers.

Pushrods: Shootin`From the Hip (Wood 026 mini-cd)
This car`s got no brakes...from school of Hellacopters, Stooges, A-bombs, MC5 ...
Vilddas: Vilddas (Wood 024 cd)
Band's debut album.
Orders by mail also from Digelius.
Electric Frankenstein: Back`s Against the Wall/ Pushrods: Satellite (Wood 025)
Likeminded bands split single in orange vinyl!
Tilsa: Zuurehkot Zetelit (Wood 021 cd)
Collection of music by cartoonist. As a songwriter he is an eccentric of highest level. Everyday bebop, zealous rock, absurd blues and songs for children.
Puk: Grönlanti (Wood 018 cd)
Their debut album is shamelessly sentimental guitar pop.
Wood talks vol. 1 (Wood 016 mini-cd)
A mini-cd-compilation including four bands: Anglia, Cucumber Farmer, Faux Pas and Pushrods. They go to Garage Velvet Underground Stooges Hellacopters Punk Pop Roky Erickson Dead Moon-category.

Piski: Pimeän tultua, rakkaani (Wood 015 cd)
Strong melodies, distorted guitars, violin, clarinet and a song named "Jim Thompson".
Let the music do the talking!